Healthcare Initiative

Since the beginning CIHF & our associated companies have been instrumental in organising health check-up camps of Free Medical & Optical Check–Up, dental hygiene check up, distribution of Medicines, Midday Meal. Access to primary healthcare, awareness of basic hygiene and medical treatment of underprivileged patients beg a lot of attention.

We dedicate ourselves and ensure a helping hand reaches to every individual who seeks medical help.

  • Free health check-up camps
  • Provide food to needy leprosy, tuberculosis, HIV+ patients in government hospitals
  • Various health awareness campaigns for basic hygiene, sanitation, health and nutrition, skills and livelihood
  • Donate medicines to aged and poor patients suffering from major illnesses
  • Help needy patients meet substantial medical expenses for their treatment or surgery
  • Monetary contribution towards the treatment of poor kids who are being diagnosed with cancer or other major illness


  • A charity organization aims to serve humanity by providing the needy
  • the poor
  • orphans
  • discarded and dejected people of a society.
  • Charity is aimed at serving humanity.
  • The poor and needy persons get benefited with charity.
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  • Charity is aimed at serving humanity.
  • Providing the needy
  • the poor orphans
  • Discarded and dejected people of a society.