Vision & Mission


Work towards creating a better India which provides basic health, education and empowerment to every citizen. To empower unprivileged through education, advocate a better quality of life, radiate love, touch lives and spread some happiness. CIHF envisions an India with a socially responsible corporate sector & corporate professionals working in symbiotic relationships with an equally transparent & accountable non-profit sector thus working towards creating just and equitable society where citizens live a dignified life and have opportunities to improve and better their collective destinies.

Confederation of International Healthcare Foundation (CIHF) will be India’s most trusted, respected, and influential leader in healthcare industry, and a valued resource for current & latest information in the industry, it would be one of the premier organisation to provide a common platform for all its stakeholders to attain global leadership and make India the preferred healthcare destination of the world.


To be a Knowledge Partner of Schools, NGOs, Corporates, and Government agencies for development programmes across India in order to spearhead & create definitive, long term and large scale sustainable change in key action areas of healthcare & education, social well-being & women’s empowerment, civic issues & capacity building of Non Profits; to impact the society of the country by building synergies between the Corporate & the Development sector of India.

Confederation of International Healthcare Foundation (CIHF) is the organisation that represents International healthcare industry like non-government hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Home; Medical & Healthcare related other organisations and supports them in achieving their missions and goals, with a mission to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare for underserved individuals & communities and to promote fundamental improvements in the health status of the people of India.

CIHF is committed to:

  • Integration
  • Credibility & Quality
  • Community Development
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Trust & Transparency
  • Social Engagements
  • Core Competence
  • Accreditation & Regulation

CIHF in Nutshell

• Confederation of India healthcare Foundation-CIHF was established as a Charitable Public Trust and with the Charity Commissioner under B.P.T Act XXIX of 1950, Govt of INDIA. Even though we had a humble start with no office, staff members or resources we moved forward with the confidence in the goodness of our people.
• Trustees –worked honorary- no compensation whatsoever for their social contributions.
• CIHF is a self-reliant NGO in India. CIHF has never sought nor taken any Govt. Grant or support from major Foreign Donor Agencies so far. The objectives of the Foundation are managed through public donations received from various sources.
• CIHF sponsors a good number of deserving students to study abroad under paid scholarship.
• CIHF offers social internship programmes to students from various Universities/ Institutes/ Colleges in India and also a couple of students from international areas.
• CIHF works hand in hand with Central and State Governments and Municipal Corporations for various social programmes & reforms.
• CIHF partners with International Baccalaureate schools for their CAS programmes
• CIHF has stood the test of time with own communication strategies based on sound Management Principles and Practices involving common people for Health Awareness and monetary support.
• CIHF has grown into a leading NGO in the Health Sector in India, thanks to the dedicated services of its teams.
• CIHF involves lakhs of students and citizens for blood donation camps & healthcare awareness-cum-resource mobilization. The School Teams have their pride of place. CIHF has given opportunity to every citizen to participate in this national humanitarian effort.
• CIHF has over a 50 Associate Hospitals and Projects scattered all over India handling different aspects of various medical camps, treatment, care, surgery, rehabilitation and the like. All services are free wherever possible through the help of donors to the citizens without any discrimination.
• CIHF uses Mass Communication Medium such as Media Channels with great advantage.
• Sharing is our sacred policy – CIHF gives away substantial amounts as Grants every year under Scholarship for various schemes, offering scholarship for different educational projects, out of the donations received from general public.
• CIHF has received National and International Awards for its exemplary services. It is one of the largest networking and self-reliant NGOs in India and has raised a large number of qualified, efficient Social Marketing Executives and Managers in India.