Utility of an Integrated CSR Facility for your organization

With the passing of CSR law as part of Companies Act 2013, which mandates companies to spend 2% of their profits on CSR activities, companies have shown an immense interest in addressing the development needs of India. However, companies need support to identify the right causes and credible grassroots organizations engaged in social development that are effective, have capacity to scale and are oriented towards sustainability.

Being cognizant of this need, CIHF & its partnering social sector intermediaries have come together to imagine an Integrated CSR Facility that will deliver end-to-end services to companies through both online and offline modes of engagement. The vision is to create an intelligent, comprehensive and standardized facility that will benefit stakeholders in the following ways:

For companies:The facility will provide companies with action-oriented social sector intelligence and research, resources to frame a company level CSR strategy, impactful CSR programs, credible social organizations for program implementation, running cause related campaigns and employee engagement programs.

For social organizations: The facility will house a “single profile” of social organizations that matches requirements of most companies. It will also feature successful interventions and impact figures.

For industry bodies: The facility will provide an online platform for all member companies to undertake CSR activities, while providing opportunities to the body to offer offline services. The industry body could also use the facility to undertake its own CSR.

Through this we aim to get your feedback on the utility of such an Integrated CSR Facility for your organization.

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