CIHF is an independent, non- government, not-for-profit organisation, which is concerned with the following aims and objectives.

  1. To act as an efficient liasoning among the members, other healthcare associations & government bodies within the country &  abroad.
  2. Co-ordination of the activities of healthcare industry in India for the attainment of a high standard of healthcare & helping   them in setting up Accreditation.
  3. Promotion & Establishment of a common platform for exchange of information on every aspect of healthcare services, health insurance, patient care and the latest medical information so as to promote India into a regional healthcare hub.
  4. To Endeavour & achieve the highest attainable standard of Healthcare services in India.
  5. To maintain and attain friendly relations & mutual assistance among the people of member countries in the region.
  6. To make India the preferred health destination of the world and resultant economic growth to improve the health status of our people & thus building the international trade.
  7. To upgrade & boost quality of healthcare infrastructure in India.
  8. Outreach & community development programs, work towards bringing all major stakeholders under this body.
  9. To create an attitude and environment of trust and integrity thus helping everyone to share & enjoy mutually beneficial relationships & to establish our credibility of an order that everybody can look up to.
  10. Information Technology & Technology up-gradation in Healthcare industry.
  11. Upgrade quality of care & work force including education.
  12. To endeavor for a disease-free India by providing accessible quality healthcare to every single household at affordable cost&transforming India into a healthy vivacious nation.