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Dear Sir /Madam,

We take this great pleasure in introducing you with CIHF as a leader in global healthcare industry. You will agree with today’s healthcare scenario, it reflects that healthcare affects all of us and in several ways. This is generalised dissatisfaction among us, which may be due to several reasons, with the healthcare delegation. Delegating Healthcare has always been complex. However, in the last few decades especially, by and large this complexity has multiplied. On one hand we say technological advances requiring greater teamwork, entailing increasing costs of health, specialisation and constant competition. While on the other hand, the expectations of all are increasing – it may be providers as well as users, their demographic changes, economic and other resources.

India offers world-class healthcare that costs substantially less than those in developed countries, using the same technology delivered by competent Specialists attaining similar success rates. India has many characteristics that could facilitate successful development of health tourism and become a global platform for the international healthcare market. These include attractive climate and environment; well-trained health practitioners; reliable telecommunications and good transport infrastructure; excellent hotel and tourism services; an educated population; and, lower labor costs than most developed countries.

The National Health Policy 2002 has therefore proclaimed the agenda of making India the Health destination of the world. The economic contribution that healthcare industry can provide to make India a developed nation (Vision 2020) is more than real. However, we need to find solutions and that too urgently! Healthcare forum, Accreditation & Quality, worldwide, has been a highly successful module to resolve these problems for all the stakeholders, which in turn give a mutual win – win solution. But to achieve all these goals & objectives like quality initiatives, it needs a committed participation by all stakeholders without which it can never happen.

You are now probably quite aware of our efforts and progress made to establish a common platform for a Comprehensive Healthcare System and Confederation of International Healthcare Foundation (CIHF) for this purpose as a, not-for-profit Company.

Activities on all fronts are in full swing and substantial progress has been made. While significant milestones have been reached by bringing the major professional associations of healthcare providers to form the core, a lot needs to be done to bring this initiative to fruition. We need to create awareness amongst all to bring about a committed participation of maximum people / stakeholders, strengthen the Organisation and establish Secretariat. Workshops / seminars and coordinate development of process guidelines and formulate standards thereafter.

All these activities, you will agree, need a lot of funds and commitment to achieve timely and quality goals. 

We appeal you to support this movement of Great National importance with global implications. You can support this movement in the following ways:

  1. Enroll as individual Member, member, affiliate member, associate member, and affiliated association. You shall be requested to contribute as indicated to you and you shall be kept posted by e-mail / website of the developments periodically.
    (Details as per annexure attached)
  2. Get your organisation to Sponsor various parts e.g. Awareness campaign (various components with opportunity to advertise), Media / Press publicity, Legal firm’s services, Website development, and establishing and running of regular CIHF Secretariat. Your organisation can underwrite these packages or an amount and payments can be made directly as possible.
  3. Spread the message and urge others to join and support as well.

A brief write up about mission, vision, goal, Objectives, enrolment and membership details with application forms individual / organisation affiliate are attached herewith. Members of the working committee can make a presentation to your organisation for greater details and discussion on sponsorship opportunities.

Lastly, on behalf of CIHF we appeal to you to come forward to share your knowledge, experience & expertise to help make this movement a success. We shall be glad to provide further details, clarifications and look forward to your suggestions and feedback.

With warm regards,

Sincerely yours,

Dr. G.D Singh
Founder & Chief Secretary