I. Registered Not-For-Profit Trust

Confederation of International Healthcare Foundation – CIHF, Since 2005
Not for Profit Organisation, Est. & Regd under B.P.T Act XXIX of 1950, Govt. Of India,

• CIHF is registered as a not-for-profit Trust with the Charity Commissioner, Ahmedabad Region (Registration No. E/17312, Ahmedabad, 15th Sep. 2005)

• Director of Income Tax (Exemptions) U/S 80G (Registration No. DIT (E)/AHD/80G(5)/1067/2007-2008 Dated 04.09.2008)

• U/S 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (Registration No. DIT (E) 12AA/1080/2007-08. Dated 19/08/2008)

• Every donor will receive valid receipt for their tax benefit under section 80G.


CIHF is not yet registered with FCRA. Therefore, we cannot accept foreign donations; we only accept donation from Non-Resident Indians only through bank account operational in India.

III. Accounting practices and external auditing

• Accounting is carried out on a daily basis.
• Our Chartered Accountants examine our cash flow quarterly and conduct detailed financial auditing at the end of the each financial year.
• All our Annual Report including our financial statement is submitted to Charity Commissioner each year.

IV. Donor on how their contribution was used.

• Every feedback report will accompany with a photograph of a person who received contribution.
• Donors have choices of options from various causes and they can choose how exactly they want their contribution to be.

V. Up to 89% of all the money earned goes directly towards the charitable cause*

• If the donor chose the Bank Money Transfer or payment through cheque/demand draft.
• If donor used payment gateway then we deduct 3% to cover up the transaction fee charged by the payment gateway service.
• The remaining funds are used for administrative, staff welfare, logistics, maintenance & miscellaneous.