1. How to the member get benefited from membership?

Information on CIHF Services: • The Monday Mailing – Our weekly newsletter. • CIHF Papers, Case studies – CIHF provides a common platform for its members to showcase their personal talent & work-study by presenting Papers & Case studies. • Upcoming Events – Conducting educational events, meetings, CME’s, workshops, convention & seminars. • Information Services – A vast resource of hospital and health system data. • Consulting Services – A group of extremely talented & highly qualified group of people imparting their consulting services.

2. Who can be the members?

Hospitals as Institution: These may be Trust, Government, Private, Corporate, General, Special, Nursing Homes, etc. They may be practicing any system of medicine. Medical Superintendents, their assistants or deputies, Government Health Officers, Directors, Nurses, Graduates or Diploma holders in hospital Administration, Paramedical staff, Para-professional staff etc. Other persons linked directly or indirectly with the healthcare industry, who are interested, may also become members.

3. What are the salient Activities of CIHF?

• Annual Convention
• Scientific Meetings
• Publishing Journal “CIHF”.
• Hospital Material Management Seminars.
• Hospital Management Seminars.
• Management Seminars for Nursing Officers.
• Management Seminars for Pharmacists.
• Management Seminars for Medical Records Maintenance.
• Health Services Management Seminars.
• Hospital Consultancy.
• Hospitals Standards.
• Operation Research.
• International Conferences.
• Hospital exhibition.
• To work toward development of alternate system of Medicine.
• Study Tour.
• To conduct examination in Hospital Management/Administration.
• Health Management Forum.
• To work towards Tobacco & drug free society.
• Mandate to conduct National Distance Learning Course, Diploma Hospital Administration, and Nursing Administration etc.
• To conduct essay competition, Award for excellence for Hospitals, best Nurse Award etc.
• Legal Assistance for CPA etc.

4. What is the role of CIHF?

• The CIHF is a Forum for exchanging ideas.
• To advice for strengthening the hospitals Administrators to protect their interest.
• A body for conciliation in case of disputes.
• A liaison Body between the hospital and the professional Association, Nursing Association etc.
• An Institution of providing education and training in Hospital Administration through conferences, Refresher Courses, Distance Learning Education Programme, Workshops & Seminars, Journals etc.
• To develop coordination between government and voluntary hospitals at local, regional and national level.
• To arrange for studies or research in the working of hospital with a view to improve services.
• To liaison with similar associations outside the country and dissemination information received.
• To advice the Government on the policy information regarding medical care especially hospital care.
• To endeavour to make improvements in public relations between all hospital.
• To focus attention of all hospitals to increase the role of hospitals in family welfare and other national programmes in the country.
• To spread the concept of comprehensive Health Care among those concerned in Hospital Administration.
• To focus pivotal role of hospital in P.H.C (Primary Health Care).